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The Internet: It is a huge network of networks which has become a big part of our everyday lives. The Internet is the sole source for any kind of information, whether it’s for businesses, students, or for anyone else. The internet is the only platform which is accessed by billions of users, worldwide. What the Internet can be used for: for creating awareness about your products or services, for online trading (e-commerce), for sharing information, for communication, for advertising and marketing, and so on.

Why You Need a Website: Websites give your company a global presence and they are the most cost-effective tools used for advertising and marketing. Websites are very low cost and the possibilities are endless. One the greatest thing about having websites is that they are dynamic in nature, meaning that they can be changed as required, in line with your evolving organizational needs. It is very easy to update website content.

Designing a Website: Most people have the perception that it is very difficult to design websites, however this is not true. With the availability of excellent content management systems like WordPress or Joomla, creating a website has become so easy, even for beginners who can hardly write any HTML code. This said, it’s not enough to just have a website, it is important to have a professional-looking website that can be taken seriously by its visitors. WordPress is a perfect platform for creating professional websites and now with resources like ultimatewptraining.com, it’s very easy to learn how to make simple but good websites on WordPress.

Ultimatewptraining.com is an amazing website that provides tutorials on how to create WordPress sites, with videos that show users how to install WordPress, how to use the Dashboard, how to post articles, how to optimize the website for search engines, how to create pages, how to work with different WordPress themes, how to install and use widgets and plugins, and so on. Do have a look at ultimatewptraining.com and let me know what you think! 🙂

Hey all!!!

Surprised to see a new look on this blog? Doesn’t it look nice? I love it! And the credit for this goes to a Neeraj! Well done!

WordPress truly has amazing themes! It was about time I changed the look of my blog and made it more brighter eh? In fact this inspires me to write even more!! And I’m sure it’s put a smile on your face too! lol…

So its very simple to change your themes; from your WordPress Dashboard, just click on Appearance and all that you need will be sitting right there infront of you, patiently waiting for you to click, click and click! You can browse through the available themes and also preview them before you set it to the one you like!

Happy new face to my blog! lol…Have a great day won’t you? This has certainly brightened mine! 🙂

– Millie

Out of the millions of websites on the Information Highway, it’s quite a task to pick out the best ones. Here’s a list of useful sites that you might/will need at some point in your online life! Note that these do not appear in any order – it’s just a random list.

1. Wikipedia.org – This site is known as the most popular online encyclopedia there is on the net. It is very informative and you can find information on virtually anything. Most of the times the information is reliable but since the wiki pages can be edited by anyone, you might find data that conflicts with what you already know or have read elsewhere. However, the site is very interesting and you can learn a lot from it.

2. Yahoo Finance – For anyone who wants to know anything about the big shots – money, stock, financial charts etc, this is the place to go. They even cite press releases for the companies. This site keeps you up-to-date with the business world. It is mostly useful when you want to carry out a financial research on an organization and see how they’re performing in the market and what they’ve been upto.

3. ESPN – For all you sports fanatics out there! This site has information on almost every sporting event taking place around the world. On the website you’ll be able to find scores, game schedules, highlights, podcasts and more. It also allows users to sign up for mobile alerts.

4. Facebook – The most talked about social network. I overheard some mates talking about it the other day saying, ‘if you’re not on facebook, you’re not ‘cool…”! This one has to be on the top of the list. It is a very addictive site and it serves its purpose really well. Millions of users around the world are on facebook. It is the easiest, quickest and coolest way of keeping in touch with everyone.

5. Google – There is so much to say about this one..it’s my favorite site! It’s so much more than just a search engine. If you look through the web services and applications they provide, you’d be more than amazed. It lets you have everything you need on your fingertip. Google Docs offers users to create and share spreadsheets, word documents and presentations – all for free. Google Calendar is an amazing online organizer which you can use as well as share with your colleagues. Google Earth lends you the eyes to see the whole world whilst lazing in your chair. Google Reader is where you can get access to the top most interesting stories around the world, on any topic of your choice. Gmail is rated as the best email system, complemented by Google Talk….and so on and so on. See…I can never run out of words when talking about Google, but its about time I get back to my actual post!

6. Flickr – This is the best digital photo-sharing site. Users can upload pictures and share them with the world. Flickr also provides plugins for rails applications so that developers can make Flickr a part of their websites. Infact, if you scroll down this blog, you’ll see the Flickr add-in at the bottom right, which shows random pictures at all times. This website has the best tools you can use to organize all your pictures.

7. YouTube – This one is also one of my favorites. Anything from home videos, TV shows, movies, songs, tutorials etc can be found here. The collection of videos is massive. YouTube is a very entertaining site. The best of comedy too, can be found on YouTube.

8. WordPress – How could I leave this out? Its the perfect blogging tool you can ask for. It has many features and it is for everyone. It is really easy to set up a blog and manage it. The dashboard allows you to manipulate your blog and it offers a nice GUI. Very easy and flexible to use.

9. Amazon – This site offers users the best way of trading online. You can buy and sell things online and reach to millions of people around the world. It boasts of a very safe and secure way of handling payments. Again, very easy to set up an account and getting ahead with it. I have used Amazon and have never experienced any kind of problems. Every transaction of mine has been successful till now.

10. BBC – The BBC website is really nice if you like to keep ahead with the news and with whats going on around the world. It offers you to install a ticker, which is a strip of updated news stories that scrolls at the bottom of your screen. They also have a channel that plays online 24/7 and you could watch BBC from anywhere provided you have an Internet connection. They have a new customizable homepage with a nice user-friendly GUI.

11. Download.com – If you looking for any software that falls in the following categories: security software, browsers, business software, communications software, desktop enhancements, OS utilities, digital photo software, drivers, developer tools, educational software, drivers, audio software, graphic design software, networking software etc., then this is the right place to go. It offers downloads for almost every good piece of program someone has written.

12.Yahoo Answers – I admit, I was once addicted to this website! It is a cool site where you can post questions at the millions of users online, or choose to answer theirs. You get to learn a lot and you also get to get people out of their miseries! It’s a two-way thing. Wonderful website where you find answers to almost anything. When you submit answers to questions, you get points if your answer is good and is voted as the best. I’m at 3700 points at the moment – and I’m definitely looking forward to taking that score higher!

The list could go on, there are many websites out there which are just amazing and useful. Tell me if there’s a website you fancy a lot and is not listed above and we’ll talk about it! Hope you enjoyed going through this list…next time there’s going to be a list too…but of something else! 😉

– Millie

Check out Box.net – it is the coolest app I’ve seen in a long time! It lets you upload files..music, videos etc… onto your wordpress blog. A really beautiful widget to keep your readers entertained! I’ve added it, you’ll see it somewhere in the sidebar…go ahead and listen to the track I’ve uploaded!



The resume is just for the interest of those who might wana offer me a job! 😉

Next post is the lyrics to that song on my blog…sing along children!


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