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Hey everyone! Hope everyone’s having a great weekend! I want to share with you an illusion today, check out the picture below: I assure you that it’s NOT animated!! Almost as if your eyes are making it move! lol…To test this, just stare at one of the black spots for a couple of seconds and you will see that everything stops moving. ..But as soon as you move your focus on another black spot, the previous one you were looking at will start moving! how awesome is this?? lol…

Great weekend all..take care!

– Millie

Now here’s a new platform being created for fundraisers that allows them to tap into the online social world to ask for get donations for their causes. As you all know that with the rise and ongoing hype of social networking, it has become increasingly easier for people to communicate with thousands of others only with a few clicks. Fundly.com has taken this opportunity and provided a space for fundraisers to use this kind of technological innovations to their advantage. Setting up a page to ask for donations from thousands of people at once, hasn’t been easier! Fundraisers get tremendous amounts of exposure through social networking.

Fundly is the leader in online social fundraising for causes that need to raise money fast and effectively. Fundraising has always been social and people give to people. Fundly’s online fundraising platform enables non-profits, political campaigns, charities, schools, clubs, sports teams, churches, and many other causes to fundraise online via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, and other web channels, with ease. Accept donations and reach a wide base of new donors in light speed, using Fundly’s website – It’s definitely worth checking out the next time you need to raise funds for any cause.

Not only for fundraisers, but donors get an online platform for making their generous donations. This website creates a new field in online social networking that connects fundraisers with donors – which makes it easier for both parties to communicate and be in reach very effectively. So, whichever side you’re supporting, do sign up with Fundly and get more publicity and coverage to support your cause! Good luck with that!

–       Millie

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