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Ever wanted to just buy a coffee and find no money to do so? That’s the boat I’m sailing in for the moment! It’s really a sad, blue day – everyday! Ridiculous, isn’t it? hence – the job search begins!!

Anything in IT, Software Development, Application Development, Web Development, Systems Analysis, Data Analysis, Project Management, IT Consultant – you name it. I’ll be easy to train and I learn really fast. And more importantly, I’m willing to relocate to anywhere in the world! Just need to get a good pay now so that I can start making small installations to clear my ‘debt’! God Forbid – No child should have to hear such words and be in this situation! It’s not I’ve killed someone or committed the world’s biggest crime!!!

Anyway…so my Resume is accessible from the Orange Box down on the right side of this page..If you hear of any opportunities my worth, please do inform me and rescue me from this dark dark hole! I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks Guys – And sorry I hadn’t posted anything for a long time – you can see how stressed I’ve been! But always with a smile!! 🙂 LOL 😛 😛

– Millie

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