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Ever felt the kind of panic which increases your heartbeat and steals your speech when you see the Blue Screen of Death? Yes I’m talking about Windows users and I’m sure you’ve come across it once in a while! (…and despite that some of us are still loyal to Microsoft! ha!) It can really be a frustrating experience when you stumble onto it and can’t figure out how to deal with it! That’s why I decided to write this post with a small ray of hope that will restore your patience! 🙂

I will however be quoting most of the important points from an excellent article I read on “how to fix blue screen in Windows 7”. The article contains proper instructions on how to deal with and overcome this problem and I really recommend you follow it well to get rid of this demon! So I’ll just summarize some of the points that I think are fairly important for you to know! But first things first: What the hell is that blue screen trying to tell you? If it looks anything like the screenshot below, then keep reading!

This error majorly occurs when there’s a hardware or software conflict on your system, or when you run out of memory (RAM) – which in my case, happens every other week! :@ The system would normally just shut down or restart automatically.

The Solutions:

You could run the ‘system restore’ utility that’s provided by Windows, which will restore your system to an earlier time, before the problem started. This is a safe solution and the magical part is that you don’t lose any files that were created after the restore date. Secondly, you could use the ‘Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool’ to check if the problem originates from here. And if the problem is to do with a hardware conflict then ‘Device Manager’ would be the place to visit.

Anyhow, when you do get this error, don’t panic! Read through the article on “how to fix blue screen in Windows 7” and solve your problem!

–          Millie

Hey everyone, I’m sure you’ve made great plans for the weekend already! Woohoo! 🙂 ..so have I, but mine involve a lot of work, (un)fortunately! So now would be the time I’m taking a break from coding the web, sipping my cold coffee and sharing another blog post with you all!

Recently I had to carry out a survey for one of my research papers and during my online search for the best way to go about it, I stumbled onto Polldaddy.com which happened to solve my problem.  It took only a couple of minutes to set everything up and start receiving responses for my survey. Then I got the idea of creating a fun quiz – which will be online soon! 🙂 And the great thing about this easy-to-use and user-friendly site was that I was able to get responses from Facebook, Twitter and email – all on my iPad! Amazing, isn’t it?

Online polling has never been easier with this kind of integration with social media. Imagine the number of large audiences you can reach, just in a few clicks…so far I’d consider this as the best tool for market research.  And not only this, these polls can also be used to help organize events – am definitely going to try that out too, and so should you!

Do take a look at their offers and tell me what you think! 🙂

–          Millie

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