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Has your Recycle Bin icon disappeared from your desktop? Or admit it, you deleted it, by mistake of course! lol…either that or your computer went coo coos!!! But don’t you worry – here’s what you can do to get it back!!

Right click on your desktop and click on ‘Properties’. From the dialog box, click on the ‘Desktop’ tab and then click on the ‘Customize Desktop’ button.

Somewhere in the middle of that box, you will see some of the common desktop icons. Click on the Recycle Bin (it looks like a trash can) and then hit the Restore Default button. Now click OK and then go take a look at your desktop. The Recycle Bin icon should be back!

Let me know if that didn’t work!! lol…have a nice day!!


Freeing up disk space can improve the speed of your computer. Also, it’s always better to clean up the disks every few months rather than let it store files which are no longer needed. There are many things you can do to free up disk space: First thing to do is to empty your dustbin. Don’t look confused – I meant the Recycle Bin! lol..

Second thing to do, uninstall all the programs you don’t use. You can get a list of the programs which are installed on your machine from the Control Panel. Double-Click on the Add/Remove programs icon and wait for the dialog box to load its contents. From that list, you get options for removing the programs you don’t use. After carrying out this step, it’s always best to navigate to C:/Program Files/ just to check whether the uninstallation left behind any unwanted folders – which you can delete later on.

Third thing: delete all temporary files. These include temporary files related to windows and also Internet Explorer’s temporary files, which take up a lot of space. To locate both these categories of unwanted files all in one place, the simplest thing to do is use the Search function. Click on Start -> Search, then select all files and folders, then type in *.tmp in the textbox and hit Enter. This search string, *.tmp, finds all the files with a .tmp extension, which represent temporary files. As soon as the Search is complete, just select all the files (Ctrl+A) and hit Shift+Del.

Fourth thing to do: Remove all the downloaded program files like Java applets and Microsoft Active X Controls, and Browser Add-ins and Plugins that you don’t use. These just take up little space but when they’re many they can account for a number of megabytes. – Also delete all the files you don’t need – documents, presentations, spreadsheets etc.

And last not but not least, remove the extra Windows components that you don’t use or need. After running through all the above procedures, it’s good to get the hard disk checked for errors and have them repaired if they’re any. Cleaning up the disk is easy – navigate to: Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Cleanup. You might be asked if you want the cleanup program to run when you start Windows next time. That’s it…once you’ve done this, you know your hard disk does not carry any garbage and you’ll also see a difference with the speed improvement.

Hope this post was very informative…and enlightening! Have a great day! 😉

– Millie

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