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Payroll can be such a nightmare for some! Others say it’s complicated and time-consuming. My friend says it’s just boring! Surprisingly this is the kind of job that no one looks forward to doing. But think about it, we’re in a technological era, and so we don’t really have to process these manually! Why not use software to accomplish such mundane activities? There are tons of payroll solutions out there, just do a quick Google search and you’ll see dozens.

When you’ve found a handful of solutions, how do you decide which one to go for? This could be a tough choice. Some of the factors you’ll need to consider are:

Security: Is your payroll system protected from unauthorized access?

Flexibility: Will your chosen system be flexible enough to grow or scale according to your company size?

Control: How much control do you have over the payroll system, what changes can you make, what are the limitations of the system?

Tax Management: To what extent does the payroll system handle tax-related calculations? Does it leave any headaches for you?

The online solutions I reckon are the best because you can access them from anywhere, as opposed to an in-house payroll system which only runs on your company’s servers. One of the best search results I found on Google is Intuit and this is because I’ve used QuickBooks so I’m familiar with the platform and software. Their payroll solutions integrate within your QuickBooks application, making it convenient for you to use it.

Hope this post helps you decide better how to deal with the bother of payroll! 🙂

–          Millie

I have lots of friends who are not in IT and hence not conversant with basic HTML and CSS – and most of them either find it difficult to set up a website or end up spending a lot of money getting someone else to do it for them. As a web developer myself, I often offer to make the websites for them but due to high demand and lack of extra time, lots of works keeps piling up. So I decided to look for something that would help them and Googled for a solution. I found just the right thing that would suit most of their needs – a simple and easy to use, user-friendly website builder that comes with an intuitive interface, which allows them to design something nice while putting in very little effort.

Intuit’s niche market is mainly targeted at small and medium sized businesses and they provide easy to modify website templates with lots of add-in features that users can customize and make use of. You can use their website builder to make personal websites, as well as e-commerce sites or even a blog. The video I saw on their website is just amazing! And they also help deal with the SEO part and market the website for you! After you watch the video, you’ll see how easy they’re making it for users to create a business website.

Well anyway, I’m definitely going to recommend my friends to sign up with Intuit, I reckon it’s a great option for them! Off to decreasing the pile of work now!! Have a great week ahead!

–          Millie

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