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Keeping abreast with the latest and greatest in the field of innovative technology gives me a happy feeling – almost like the feeling I get when I sip through that hot cappuccino early in the morning! So coming down to buying laptops, which trait do you consider most important? – The look, feel and style of the machine or the features and specs it walks the red carpet with? I reckon girls mostly go for beauty and guys, the geekier species, prefer to get into the nitty gritty details of amount of memory and disk space the laptops hold. Either way, both perspectives are important. And that’s what the laptop giants aim to deliver today. Take for example the new Toshibas, Acers, Mac Books, HPs and Sony Viaos..All pretty and loaded with just the right features!

Of course you also have to consider the purpose of buying the laptop because different specs cater for different kinds of work! This includes personal use, mostly Internet browsing, Gaming (which requires high performance HD and VGA cards) and so on. So is it easy to shop for a laptop? No! With hundreds of options and thousands of outlets, it becomes increasingly difficult to choose the best laptop for your needs! However, with a little help, you can be pointed in the right direction.

Start by reading about what is offered, where it is offered and look for the greatest deals online and offline. There are many sites which showcase the best laptops reviews and provide information that make the process of ‘making that decision’ easier. Look out for hot deals and I’d say if you’re investing in one, then you might as well spend a little extra and get all the goodness out of it!

All in all, hope you enjoy the experience of shopping for a laptop!

– Millie

Google doodle celebrates Earth Day with an awesome image of the waterfalls in a secluded and beautiful park. Things to look out for are: the lion, the koala bear, the butterfly, the frog, the panda bears, the bird in the sky, the fish jumping straight into the bear’s mouth! and the penguins!

Head over to Google and see if you can spot ALL of the above!! 🙂

– Millie

Everyone knows and feels the impact of Facebook on our social lives. Facebook is the application that majority of us like spending our time on, work put aside. With millions of users able to communicate and share information with each other in real time, our love for Facebook cannot be denied. However we’re not here to talk about Facebook today, but like the title of this blog suggests: An interactive and collaborative environment for the benefit of organizations around the world, regardless of the size of the company in relation to the number of employees, or the type of organization. It is a fact that collaboration and communication are the number one key factors to make an organization successful. Without the link between different departments and employees from different levels of the hierarchy, imagine how difficult it can be to coordinate one small project and to get everyone working towards the same goal!

So today’s website in focus is Socialcast: An enterprise application that brings together the features and user-friendly appearance of Facebook and the microblogging trends of Twitter, put together to form the ideal solution for organizations to use to enhance collaboration between executives and employees. Business social networking is like a fun way to do work that can otherwise be boring. I have witnessed many employees accessing facebook in their working hours – Socialcast brings an application equally fun to use and most of all, it can be configured to the required work environment. The different features of the package allow organizations to enhance communication within and outside the organization, in different ways: Sharing of files, engaging in real-time, online discussions and the connection to the organization’s CRM system also gives back a competitive advantage.

Enterprise 2.0 Applications are the new ‘buzzwords’ in the IT and Business sectors and Socialcast is a really good example of how technology has been integrated in the organizational field.  With Socialcast, the impact of collaboration can also be measured using their Social Business Intelligence Analytics tool. And for people on the move, their organizational networks can be accessed through their smartphones as well.

I reckon that at the rate of which the development of technology is catching up with other aspects of our lives, very soon we’ll all be living lives that revolve around our iPhones and Blackberries (some of us are  already there..)! Lol..

Please feel free to leave comments of any other platforms you’ve come across that integrate IT with Business to provide organizational benefits.

Have a motivated day! 🙂

–          Millie

Have you noticed that sometimes SQL servers chew up a lot of your system’s resources and really slow down your computer? And if this keeps happening often then obviously your overall performance gets affected. I was working on an SQL database server recently and I used to get so frustrated by this problem! Then I started doing what I love doing the most – Googling for solutions! And guess what…I came across just the right thing!

A piece of software that can detect where these SQL deadlocks occur and help me to identify the exact SQL code that’s causing the issues in the first place is exactly what I wanted – and I found it too. I used SQL Deadlock Detector, from SQL Solutions, to monitor my server and managed to solve the problematic issues.  Even the littlest SQL deadlock can be detected by this software, it’s really amazing! You’ve got to try it out! 🙂

I better get back to work now, hoping that I’m not going to meet another ‘timeout’ error again!! Lol…oh, by the way, this software works with SQL Server 2005, and according to the website it’s also compatible with SQL Server 2000. Do check it out..

Have a nice week ahead!

–          Millie

Online market places are on a rapid increase on the Internet and new avenues have opened up for freelancers to get micro jobs online, and for organizations to outsource work. The micro jobs, popularly known as ‘gigs’, are small one-time tasks or services that freelancers provide for a small fee. The micro jobbing scripts have opened up countless opportunities for freelancers to make money online. One such website that showcases gigs and connects outsourcers with freelancers is Fourerr.com.

Fourerr.com is the platform on which freelancers offer jobs for a fixed rate of $4. The types of jobs could vary from writing articles to graphic design, programming, SEO and online marketing gigs, providing tips and advice on any matter, selling e-books and so on. The good thing about this site is that vendors and buyers can find exactly what they want and make several low-cost transactions. The site is fun to use and very user friendly.

Once you register as a vendor, you can add gigs and provide descriptions of the services you want to sell. As a buyer, it’s really easy to search for what you want and review all the sellers before making a purchase. Buyers and vendors can communicate with one another using the messaging feature on the website, as well as keep track of their transactions.

Registration at Fourerr.com is free, so if you’re looking forward to getting something done for the cheapest price or making some extra cash online, register with them and enjoy the benefits of online jobbing markets! Please feel free to add comments or add other sites that provide similar services.

–          Millie

Hey folks! how you all been? So today is Charlie Chaplin’s birthday and Google Doodle have put up a funny video clip of Charlie on it’s homepage! do check it out!! 🙂 – and oh, by the way…turn on your speakers!

Have a great day! 🙂


A new type of Internet Technology that uses remote servers to control and maintain data and applications, Cloud Computing allows individuals and organizations to access their files, use remotely installed applications and work from any computer that’s connected to the Internet. Cloud Computing is a form of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). In simple words, it’s where applications are hosted on remote servers and provided to their clients as a service. It eliminates the need of installing and running software on the clients’ computers, hence saving them the costs of buying and renewing software licenses.

Cloud Computing opens up many opportunities for businesses as it brings down their costs in investing in software and maintenance of programs and storage facilities. The list of services provided on a ‘Cloud’ is everlasting and businesses are taking advantage of the scalability benefits they get from Cloud Computing. The most popular service provided to businesses through Cloud Computing is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. It’s the rule of any business: if the customers are satisfied, then the business is rewarded. Cloud Computing provides a means of streamlining business processes and allowing employees to be more productive and efficient at their work.

There is a website I stumbled upon while doing some brief research on Cloud Computing: it has so much information on how businesses are taking advantage of this technology and what other services are provided on a ‘Cloud’. If you’re looking forward to implementing cloud computing, all the best! Hope you all find the technology very useful!!

– Millie

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