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Keeping abreast with the latest and greatest in the field of innovative technology gives me a happy feeling – almost like the feeling I get when I sip through that hot cappuccino early in the morning! So coming down to buying laptops, which trait do you consider most important? – The look, feel and style of the machine or the features and specs it walks the red carpet with? I reckon girls mostly go for beauty and guys, the geekier species, prefer to get into the nitty gritty details of amount of memory and disk space the laptops hold. Either way, both perspectives are important. And that’s what the laptop giants aim to deliver today. Take for example the new Toshibas, Acers, Mac Books, HPs and Sony Viaos..All pretty and loaded with just the right features!

Of course you also have to consider the purpose of buying the laptop because different specs cater for different kinds of work! This includes personal use, mostly Internet browsing, Gaming (which requires high performance HD and VGA cards) and so on. So is it easy to shop for a laptop? No! With hundreds of options and thousands of outlets, it becomes increasingly difficult to choose the best laptop for your needs! However, with a little help, you can be pointed in the right direction.

Start by reading about what is offered, where it is offered and look for the greatest deals online and offline. There are many sites which showcase the best laptops reviews and provide information that make the process of ‘making that decision’ easier. Look out for hot deals and I’d say if you’re investing in one, then you might as well spend a little extra and get all the goodness out of it!

All in all, hope you enjoy the experience of shopping for a laptop!

– Millie

Hey everyone! I’m back on the track now and this time lets discuss about which is the right laptop to buy. There are dozens of brands out there in the market, how do you know which one is the best? What is the best way of making sure that you will get the value you need for the money to spend? What kind of specifications should you look for in a laptop? There’s so much to consider when making such a purchase because once you’ve invested in one, you’d probably use it for a long time too! And you have to make sure that it meets your current and future needs in one way or another.

The first thing to consider is what the laptop is going to be used for: Is it for a student at university? Is it for home use – with just the need for browsing and checking email? Is it for a graphic designer who’ll definitely need a faster machine with great graphics capabilities? Or is it going to be for business use – in this case to run office and enterprise applications, or to use while travelling on a business trip.

Once the ‘what’ part has been sorted out, the next thing to focus on are the machine requirements, which depend on how and what the laptop will be used for. These include specifications like hard disk space, processor speed, amount of available RAM (memory), operating system, and so on.

Clearly, it can be difficult to decide on the perfect laptop to buy – especially if you don’t have a background in the tech field. It’s always great to ask for advice and get pointed in the right direction. I just came across this website which does just that! And who’s better to get some good advice from other than a computer technician with experience for over 20 years? Quickly head over to the laptop advice website and get your problem solved!

Well, I think it’s time I got myself a new laptop too! Been running this Toshiba for over 4 years now!! And believe me the new laptops and netbooks look so fascinating!!:)

– Millie

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