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Creativity is one thing that people say can only exist with experience, but at the age of 13, Vrajesh Patel has uploaded a couple of videos on YouTube, to promote tourism in Orlando, Florida. He has nothing to gain from it but it’s so good to see that kids his age could create online content to share with the world!

Take a look at this video and judge for yourself!!

Isn’t it cool?

– Millie

Update: “Google pac-man is over!  ;-(“

Google Celebrates 30 years of PacMan

Google is partying on pacman’s 30th anniversary celebrations. They have a really cool pacman game on the google search page, which is playable. This is really the best interactive logo I’ve seen in a while! Well done Google!!

– Millie

– By Darren Jamieson, http://www.justsearching.co.uk, for .net magazine

Content is the key when it comes to improving search rankings. The greater the amount of relevant and fresh content that’s on a website, the greater the chance of search engines providing results that enable people to find your site. In a competitive market where Google is favouring regularly updated sites, it’s no longer enough just to perform SEO; you need to proactively build your website’s presence. Keep Google coming back by giving it what it’s looking for: more content updated regularly.

1. Make the news. In order for your site to rank at the top of Google, you need to ensure it’s the best resource for your industry. You can do this by adding daily news and articles. This provides regularly updated material for the search engines, which is exactly what they’re looking for.

2. Generate discussion. Having a blog on your site will give you the chance to express your expert views and opinions of your industry. It also gives readers and potential customers the opportunity to respond, generating discussion and user participation on your site.

3. Add more pages. Each time a page is added, it provides more criteria for the search engines to find. This increases its chances of being indexed and, if combined with updated and new content, will push your site up the search rankings.

4. Check your style. Content should tell the reader what the benefits of your service are. Sales information won’t encourage return visitors and won’t attract the all-important search engine spiders, but thought provoking and newsworthy comments that’s updated regularly will.

5. Go universal. Google doesn’t just list text in its results any more. Videos, images and other formats can be indexed if they’re relevant, so don’t forget about them when putting your content together. Regularly adding content that encompasses universal search will help you get into Google News results.

Hope these tips are helpful! Please do leave comments on other ways of carrying out SEO the right way!

– Millie

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