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Hey everyone! Here I go again with another great review! On my journey of websites, I just met another one! The design for this site is simple, yet it definitely gets the interest of the user. I’m talking about http://host4rent.net/ . The colors used on the site complement the site, overall.  This type of web design is what I want to learn! Although remember that any website there is out there, should serve a purpose. If you integrate a good looking website with quality services that you provide, regardless of what you’re selling, then you’re going the right way…otherwise, don’t bother.

As must as good designs attract users, so does the service. For instance, host4rent, as the name suggests, provides web hosting services, domain registration, hosted exchange – to help you manage and organize your data over the ‘cloud’, and so on. But listing the service on your website is not enough to attract more clients; you must have special offers/features too. This website is an example of how to truly create awareness of the products and services you sell, and how to market them. The Homepage has been designed in such a way that the offers actually shout out at you and make you want to read them!

Having that said, I have just familiarized myself with the host4rent website. It’s pretty good – they have a live chat system set up. I think that’s a great idea because it makes users feel more comfortable and secure knowing they have access to any kind of support. I myself would rather interact with ‘someone’ rather than ‘some-page’!  The other feature is the client area. This is like the lobby for clients from where they can totally manage their accounts. And last but not least, the cpanel interface. This one, I like, because I use it for my other websites and it’s just amazing! It handles the emailing, ftp stuff, and other things that just make life so easy! I guess I could include a couple of screenshots to show you!

Well, that’s it for now…I’m off to a little bit of social networking…I think Facebook is calling me! 😉


–          Millie

Hi Folks,

It’s been long since my last post, but I’m back! This time I want to say something about having a Good Website. How do you know your website is good? It should be eye-catching, it should be accessible in the sense that the links should pop out to you so that you can easily find what you’re looking for, and it should be able to provide you with lots of information just at the first glance!

A good design makes your website well worth it, and popular. I was looking at several random websites and I chose one in particular, to demonstrate all the good qualities it has: http://www.printer-cartridges.com/





This website is definitely Web 2.0, in my opinion! Take a look at the screenshot of the homepage above…it is well designed, it gives you a lot of information and the bright nice colors will also catch your eye! Printer-Cartridges is a website that sells, well, printer cartridges, as well as ink and toner refills. You can also see that they deal with many brands – this is a positive aspect of the site because a user can instantly find what he/she is looking for!

Well done to the designers of this website – We can see how much work and effort was put in to create and design it!

I shall try and review more websites on my blog to bring up the best designs of the year. If you have a site you want to shout out about, do drop me a comment! 😉

–          Millie

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