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A little something about me…

I just graduated from the University of Sussex with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science…loved it there! Brighton is beautiful!!! no place like it! Am planning to do a master’s soon..hopefully in the states..

Things I enjoy doing are surfin’ the net, programming (geeky eh?), web design…ruby on rails!! amazing…and when I’m not in techie-mood…i love travelling!!!! to anywhere and with anyone!!! lol…

I just started this blog to share the few things I learn every now and then about the how-to’s and whys…but I must say..I hate reading!! so I’ll leave that to you!

By the way…my name is Millie and I’m from Kenya….the land of the simbas! 😉

11 Responses to "About"

hi Millie…
I also run a technical blog and i was wondering if you would be interested in reciprocal linking..
its good for both of us, and its always good to have friends in this blogosphere.
reply if you are interested.
this is my blog http://thetechies.wordpress.com

hey! i like that idea..how do we go about it though? it would be nice to share thoughts and learn new things from one another.

can i give you my email address..
you should delete the comment after you note it

hi, i would like to add my blog in your blog,can you please reply me by mail…


Hi Millie,

I really enjoyed reading your blog!

My name is Valerie and I am currently working for a startup company from Pittsburgh that I think you’ll be interested in writing about. It’s called Rent Jungle and it’s an apartment search engine that gives apartment hunters a new online experience. What makes this site different from other apartment sites is that it gathers listings from across the internet (just like a search engine would do for web pages) and makes them available in one place. It has everything a user could ask for in one convenient, easy to use location. From Facebook Apps to market trends tools, this site is truly a one stop shop. You can even compare your rent to that of your neighbors.

I can send you 3 press releases to give you more insight and information about the company. The first press release talks about the launch of the site. The other 2 detail the apartment sharing Facebook application and the ‘compare your rent’ tool.

I look forward to hearing from you and would be happy to answer any questions that you have. Would love any feedback that you have on the site as well.

Thank you,
Valerie Papale

Hi Valerie,

Good to hear from you. I’ll definitely write a post about rentjungle..In the meantime, why don’t you send me those press releases so I can have a look at that – and also refer to them in my blog post? My email address is millie_patel84@yahoo.com.

– Millie

Hi Millie! I just saw your post now. I’ll send over the press releases asap! Thanks!

Hi Valerie,

Looking forward to those press releases…


enjoying your blog…i’ve worked in technology for 20 years and still love geeky things in addition to so many other things in life…adding you to my blogroll


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