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Hey everyone! Hope you’ve had a great weekend! This is sort of a follow-up post from the previous one where the discussion is about technology in products other than the computers and the endless stream of web marvels. The latest home theater systems are one to appreciate in this day and age as they are crowned with features that will take your breath away! Imagine using your smart phone as remote control and or being able to connect to the Internet right from your TV set to access the latest movies, music videos and much more!

Sony Bravia HX820 offers just that! It has a monolithic design with integrated Wi-Fi and Skype’s Video Call functionality installed. Sony has also introduced an X-Reality PRO system which optimized video quality by compressing HD signals. This one is available in both 46 and 55 inch sets.

On the other hand, competing with Sony, Panasonic also has its VIERA GT30 model which features a flush design with full HD 3D. The VIERA also has capabilities to connect to the Internet with a built-in Wi-Fi. Panasonic uses cloud-based systems that allow viewers to download HD content directly to their home theaters via the Internet.

Amazing, isn’t it? ‘Smart’ TVs are in demand at the moment and such companies are making them affordable for anyone to own one! There’s a website that you can subscribe with to get all the home theater news, do check it out!

Till later! – Millie

It’s all about technology, isn’t it? Aside from the geeky stuff on your computer screens with a bunch of programs and websites, technology is being developed in many other arenas, from smart phones to smart fridges,  LCD screens – and now in cars too!

For those who love technology and quirky, modern design, Fiat has become an increasingly popular choice in recent years. The new Fiat range includes the economical Fiat Panda, the spacious Fiat Doblo and the stylish Fiat 500. Fiat in London has proved particularly popular as there are many small cars in the range that are easy to park and more environmentally friendly meaning that they are excluded from the London congestion charge.

If you are looking for a fantastic deal on a new or used Fiat in London, visit Fiat Marylebone. As a leading Fiat dealer in London, they offer the entire range of new Fiat cars as well as an excellent selection of used cars. Special Fiat offers include a new Fiat in London from only £99 per month, making it affordable to drive a car in the capital.

Other features that add to the popularity of Fiat in London include the popularity of the brand with numerous celebrities including Tara Palmer Tompkinson, Florence & the Machine, Elle McPherson and more.

To find out more about owning a driving a Fiat in London, contact Fiat Marylebone. Whether you are looking for a new Fiat in London or a used Fiat in London, you’ll find just the right car to suit your needs with expert advice available too.  And you can look out for how they’ve integrated technology into their cars and models!

– Millie

Hi everybody,

I know it’s been long since I last posted something new and exciting – in my defence I’ve been swimming in work for the last couple of weeks…slowing down from next week though! This one’s going to be for all those folks who dwell in UK; I came across this site when I was looking for good deals to get myself another laptop. (However I still love my old one, won’t be able to part from it!)

So it’s quite obvious that my first stop was at Currys, but because I was fishing for one online, and also looking for some vouchers and coupons I could use to lower the price, I hit the jackpot at DiscountDiscount.co.uk. They offer discount codes for many stores, with Currys and Comet in the list.

By the way, Comet is having a summer sale at the moment so you can imagine how little you’ll have to pay with a discount voucher added to that!! From the website I could see that the discount codes are also available for other items like LCDs, kitchen and home appliances and digital cameras. Do check it out and see if you can get a good price for that piece of equipment you have longed to own for a long time!

While we’re still on the topic, I’m getting a new Toshiba with proper specs – definitely much better than the one I currently use, 4 times larger the hard disk space and 4 gig of memory! And thanks to DiscountDiscount.co.uk, I’m getting it all for so reasonable!

–          Millie

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