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It’s very easy to get your machine’s IP information. Open the command prompt and type in:

C:\> ipconfig/all

Press the Enter key and voila!!!


Say you have a folder with over 100 files in it and you want to extract the file names. Imagine having to sit there to start typing it all up! That would take such a long time and be so monotonous! There’s a simple way to get this list. Just open the command prompt, navigate to the folder and type in the following:

First of all, to open the command prompt, click on Start -> Run. Then type in cmd and hit the Enter key.

Now navigate to the folder of your choice, e.g. C:\My Documents\

Once you’re here, type in: dir *.* > my_files.txt

my_files .txt is the text file in which the list of file names from that folder will be displayed, with some extra information too. Try it and see if it works!

Feel free to comment on any other ways you know to achieve this!

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