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For every organization there comes a point when some kind of expertise is required to solve specific problems that range from management to operations. The market is filled with experts in all fields like procurement, marketing, information technology, finance, human resource and so on. If you’re looking at ways to improve and enhance your organization’s operations, make radical changes to the processes or get professional, technically skilled personnel who can manage your databases and watch over your information systems, then chances are, you’re looking for a consultant in that particular field.

Organizations have found it cost-effective to hire consultants when in need, rather than have full-time personnel being a part of their payroll system. Outsourcing professionals comes with a set of benefits that I’ll be outlining just about now. For instance, if we look at just the IT department of an organization, there are many things that go on in one and almost all organizations have databases that run day and night to serve their information systems and company data. So why do we need to hire database consultants at any point? The main reason is to get expert opinions and to have trained professionals set up, manage and monitor your SQL servers and stored information. I was reading an article about SQL Server Consulting and some of the benefits highlighted in the article of hiring SQL Server Consultants were spelled out as follows:

–          Getting the experience and technical know-how often leads to successful implementation and management of company data

–          SQL Consultants are a good solution in scenarios where project deadlines are very tight and in-house personnel are tied up

–          Experienced SQL Server Consultants are typically very productive and have the skills to operate in a fast-paced organization culture and adapt to the changing needs of an organization

The resources are readily available; it’s just the matter of deciding what to do when technical problems arise! Consultancy is a growing field and as more and more skilled brains are going into specializing in particular elements of their fields, the complexity of jobs in other organizations is also increasing. This will ensure that consultants will never run out of business!

Care to share a thought on this? Please comment!

–          Millie

Have you noticed that sometimes SQL servers chew up a lot of your system’s resources and really slow down your computer? And if this keeps happening often then obviously your overall performance gets affected. I was working on an SQL database server recently and I used to get so frustrated by this problem! Then I started doing what I love doing the most – Googling for solutions! And guess what…I came across just the right thing!

A piece of software that can detect where these SQL deadlocks occur and help me to identify the exact SQL code that’s causing the issues in the first place is exactly what I wanted – and I found it too. I used SQL Deadlock Detector, from SQL Solutions, to monitor my server and managed to solve the problematic issues.  Even the littlest SQL deadlock can be detected by this software, it’s really amazing! You’ve got to try it out! 🙂

I better get back to work now, hoping that I’m not going to meet another ‘timeout’ error again!! Lol…oh, by the way, this software works with SQL Server 2005, and according to the website it’s also compatible with SQL Server 2000. Do check it out..

Have a nice week ahead!

–          Millie

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