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Google Play is Google’s Android Market where you can buy and download mobile apps from. Android apps are on the rise and today there are so many different kinds of apps catering for various needs such as entertainment, lifestyle, business, gaming and so on. The popularity of the Android Market, now coined as ‘Google Play’ has been growing tremendously over the past year. With over 25 billion downloads, Google Play is the place to go for the newest, coolest and amazing collection of apps.

Speaking of gaming, the website is flooded with thousands of games and some can be so addictive you’ll just want to spend all of your time trying to get to the next level. One such game is FlaTank – A retro 2D Tank Maze War Game, which is available for free download. With over 72 5-star ratings, and above 20000 downloads, this game is undoubtedly very entertaining – especially for those who fancy war games.

The concept of the game is simple. All you have to do is work your way out of the maze while killing all the foes you meet with ammunition. There are lots of levels to get through and so it can keep you busy for a while. Do have a look at the website at this link, and tell me how it was! 🙂

– Millie

Hey everyone! Hope everyone’s having a great weekend! I want to share with you an illusion today, check out the picture below: I assure you that it’s NOT animated!! Almost as if your eyes are making it move! lol…To test this, just stare at one of the black spots for a couple of seconds and you will see that everything stops moving. ..But as soon as you move your focus on another black spot, the previous one you were looking at will start moving! how awesome is this?? lol…

Great weekend all..take care!

– Millie

Now here’s a new platform being created for fundraisers that allows them to tap into the online social world to ask for get donations for their causes. As you all know that with the rise and ongoing hype of social networking, it has become increasingly easier for people to communicate with thousands of others only with a few clicks. Fundly.com has taken this opportunity and provided a space for fundraisers to use this kind of technological innovations to their advantage. Setting up a page to ask for donations from thousands of people at once, hasn’t been easier! Fundraisers get tremendous amounts of exposure through social networking.

Fundly is the leader in online social fundraising for causes that need to raise money fast and effectively. Fundraising has always been social and people give to people. Fundly’s online fundraising platform enables non-profits, political campaigns, charities, schools, clubs, sports teams, churches, and many other causes to fundraise online via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, and other web channels, with ease. Accept donations and reach a wide base of new donors in light speed, using Fundly’s website – It’s definitely worth checking out the next time you need to raise funds for any cause.

Not only for fundraisers, but donors get an online platform for making their generous donations. This website creates a new field in online social networking that connects fundraisers with donors – which makes it easier for both parties to communicate and be in reach very effectively. So, whichever side you’re supporting, do sign up with Fundly and get more publicity and coverage to support your cause! Good luck with that!

–       Millie

It’s all about technology, isn’t it? Aside from the geeky stuff on your computer screens with a bunch of programs and websites, technology is being developed in many other arenas, from smart phones to smart fridges,  LCD screens – and now in cars too!

For those who love technology and quirky, modern design, Fiat has become an increasingly popular choice in recent years. The new Fiat range includes the economical Fiat Panda, the spacious Fiat Doblo and the stylish Fiat 500. Fiat in London has proved particularly popular as there are many small cars in the range that are easy to park and more environmentally friendly meaning that they are excluded from the London congestion charge.

If you are looking for a fantastic deal on a new or used Fiat in London, visit Fiat Marylebone. As a leading Fiat dealer in London, they offer the entire range of new Fiat cars as well as an excellent selection of used cars. Special Fiat offers include a new Fiat in London from only £99 per month, making it affordable to drive a car in the capital.

Other features that add to the popularity of Fiat in London include the popularity of the brand with numerous celebrities including Tara Palmer Tompkinson, Florence & the Machine, Elle McPherson and more.

To find out more about owning a driving a Fiat in London, contact Fiat Marylebone. Whether you are looking for a new Fiat in London or a used Fiat in London, you’ll find just the right car to suit your needs with expert advice available too.  And you can look out for how they’ve integrated technology into their cars and models!

– Millie

Hi everybody,

I know it’s been long since I last posted something new and exciting – in my defence I’ve been swimming in work for the last couple of weeks…slowing down from next week though! This one’s going to be for all those folks who dwell in UK; I came across this site when I was looking for good deals to get myself another laptop. (However I still love my old one, won’t be able to part from it!)

So it’s quite obvious that my first stop was at Currys, but because I was fishing for one online, and also looking for some vouchers and coupons I could use to lower the price, I hit the jackpot at DiscountDiscount.co.uk. They offer discount codes for many stores, with Currys and Comet in the list.

By the way, Comet is having a summer sale at the moment so you can imagine how little you’ll have to pay with a discount voucher added to that!! From the website I could see that the discount codes are also available for other items like LCDs, kitchen and home appliances and digital cameras. Do check it out and see if you can get a good price for that piece of equipment you have longed to own for a long time!

While we’re still on the topic, I’m getting a new Toshiba with proper specs – definitely much better than the one I currently use, 4 times larger the hard disk space and 4 gig of memory! And thanks to DiscountDiscount.co.uk, I’m getting it all for so reasonable!

–          Millie

Hey Everyone!! I know you’re all really looking forward to the holidays!! It’s time to get some nice gifts for your loved ones!!! Check out the greatest deals on amazon via the banner below, they have over 60% discount on lots of things!!!

Great Christmas Discounts

Here’s wishing you happy holidays, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!! I know it’s too early for that, yet…but oh well..now is the time the moods swing in!! 🙂

– Millie

You’ll find some of the best image illusions here! enjoy!! 😛

Do you see grey areas between the squares?

I’ll post some more soon..


Hey folks!! Hope you’re doing well and looking forward to the weekend!!! Yooohooo!!!! lol…here’s something to make your day….a tech funny of the risks of using trial versions of software! hahaaaa!!



– Millie

N-Viro Technologies

Bio Solids

I just came across another interesting use of technology – to create biomineral agricultural and soil-enrichment products from bio-organic wastes! wow..yeah – if you read about N-Viro International, you too will be intrigued! N-Viro International Corporation utilizes patented technologies to stabilize and disinfect municipal bio solids and other organic waste products. These technologies safely and efficiently transform waste streams into beneficial reuse products.

The N-Viro technologies involve the mixing of municipal bio solids with specific alkaline waste products from the coal combustion electric generation, cement and lime industries. This process stabilizes organic waste through pasteurization and complete disinfection.

N-Viro Technologies

N-Viro Soil

N-Viro produces Soil, BioDry, BioBlend and Fuel. N-Viro Fuel is a newly developed and patented biomass fuel that has physical and chemical characteristics similar to coal and is created from municipal biosolids and other organic wastes like manure, pulp and paper sludge. So shall we say this may be the future for alternate renewable energy forms? Converting waste to energy is not an easy task!! Head over to their N-Viro website to see the procecsses involved!

Heads up to these guys! Hope you have a great weekend..

– Millie

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