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I’ve made this mistake so many times! I accidentally delete the ‘show desktop’ button from the quick launch menu at the bottom of the screen, and because I use it frequently, it gets annoying not having it for a while! I figured out how to restore that little button by googling the how-to bit. If you’ve made the same mistake, here’s what to do:

Open notepad – just click on Start->Run, key in ‘notepad’ and press the Enter key. Then type in the folowing, or just copy it from here and paste it into the notepad file:


Now save the file and call it ‘Show Desktop.scf’ or anything else you want to call it, but make sure you give it the .scf extension. That’s it! You can now close the notepad file and drag the icon onto the menu bar at the bottom to create a new shortcut!

I hope this post has helped! I shall write more soon…


– mils


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