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Tech Tip 39: Amazing WordPress Themes!!

Posted on: August 19, 2009

Hey all!!!

Surprised to see a new look on this blog? Doesn’t it look nice? I love it! And the credit for this goes to a Neeraj! Well done!

WordPress truly has amazing themes! It was about time I changed the look of my blog and made it more brighter eh? In fact this inspires me to write even more!! And I’m sure it’s put a smile on your face too! lol…

So its very simple to change your themes; from your WordPress Dashboard, just click on Appearance and all that you need will be sitting right there infront of you, patiently waiting for you to click, click and click! You can browse through the available themes and also preview them before you set it to the one you like!

Happy new face to my blog! lol…Have a great day won’t you? This has certainly brightened mine! 🙂

– Millie

4 Responses to "Tech Tip 39: Amazing WordPress Themes!!"

Ya… I can see that .. You have changed your theme.. Thanks for giving me the credit. 🙂 Hope you do well in your future.
Smart choice.. This theme is really looking nice. And yes you can also monetise your blog.. Via adsense. You must be knowing about it already.. Go for it.. !

Hi Neeraj,

The theme does look good eh? well done to the person who created it! 😉

I do have another blog in which I’ve used Google Adsense…check it out: http://humoraddict.blogspot.com

Nice Day! 😛

sweet site, I hadn’t noticed techexperience.wordpress.com before in my searches

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