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hey everyone! Sorry i haven’t been able to post anything new for a while..am on vacation for a week! have come down to mombasa to d beautiful white sandy beaches and breath-taking sunsets! – and the continuous round of drinks served around the pools! jealous? lol..will be posting some pictures when i get back! 🙂

I hope u have a great week too!


hey everyone! sorry you haven’t seen a post for weeks!!!! I’ve been away..I was in India for a month, looking after my granny! – rather, taking her for a tour around the city! lol…I had a great time. I missed posting on wordpress though!! but anyway, now I’m back with a bang!!!! with many new posts you’ll have to look out for!

I saw many pretty things during my stay there, but this was one of the best!!!! such pretty creatures…often less talked of!!!

Let’s get back to some tech talk – look out for the new content!

– Millie

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