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Have you noticed that sometimes SQL servers chew up a lot of your system’s resources and really slow down your computer? And if this keeps happening often then obviously your overall performance gets affected. I was working on an SQL database server recently and I used to get so frustrated by this problem! Then I started doing what I love doing the most – Googling for solutions! And guess what…I came across just the right thing!

A piece of software that can detect where these SQL deadlocks occur and help me to identify the exact SQL code that’s causing the issues in the first place is exactly what I wanted – and I found it too. I used SQL Deadlock Detector, from SQL Solutions, to monitor my server and managed to solve the problematic issues.  Even the littlest SQL deadlock can be detected by this software, it’s really amazing! You’ve got to try it out! 🙂

I better get back to work now, hoping that I’m not going to meet another ‘timeout’ error again!! Lol…oh, by the way, this software works with SQL Server 2005, and according to the website it’s also compatible with SQL Server 2000. Do check it out..

Have a nice week ahead!

–          Millie

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