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Tech Tip 66: Real-Time Online Collaboration Made Easy

Posted on: December 5, 2011

Web 2.0 technologies with their very nature of existence which is allowing user participation, has allowed developers to create amazing collaboration interfaces and packages that have proved very useful, especially for groups of people working on common projects. This is very common for software projects, however diverse groups from different organizations are now able to work on forming documents and files together in real-time, regardless of where the members of the groups are located.

One such really easy collaboration tool available online is QikPad, which is a service available for free, and allows users to form online groups and collaborate together as a team. When using QikPad, multiple users can send and receive text updates in real time and this makes it easier for users to work together on projects, documents, or even when writing code to create applications. In fact there is a video on YouTube that shows how this is done:



QikPad.co.uk has a really simple and intuitive user interface and they’ve created the application such that users do not even need to signup or spend any time filling forms to register in order to use their service. All you have to do is choose a name for your workspace and start sharing the content by adding users to your workspace – It’s literally a 2-click process and this is what makes it so cool! Do check out QikPad and use it for your projects as it is very efficient! Must say it’s the best tool I’ve seen so far…

If you’ve already used QikPad or are going to try it out now, do feel free to leave comments on your experience!

–          Millie

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