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Tech Tip 64: Web Analytics – The way forward

Posted on: November 21, 2011

Web Analytics comprises of a set of tools and programs that help website owners track the traffic sources and types, for their websites. Good analytics software can tell you the following about the visitors to your website: the number of visitors, the demographic details about the visitors (where they come from), how they landed on your website (could be through search engines, via backlinks on other sites or blogs, emails etc.), it also tells you the average time a visitor spends on your website, what pages of your website are most popular (by counting the number of page views) and so on.

All this statistical information can be really useful for webmasters and online marketers who can use this data to streamline and optimize their SEO efforts, and to improve on the quality of traffic they receive. SEO companies use web analytics to track the improvements of the quality of traffic a website gets, normally after they’re done with working on putting in meta tags and proper keywords onto a website.

Web Analytics software or tools normally summarize all this data and display it in the form of a chart or diagram to make it easier for users to understand it. The most popular web analytics tool, which can be used for free, is Google Analytics. However, there are several other companies out there that provide these services too. And considering that the choice is wide, it can be a daunting task to decide which are the best web analytics tools to use in order to track your website and receive the exact results you want. It is therefore wise getting a web analytics review first from a credible organization to help you decide. Also, carrying out an analytics software comparison between a couple of analytics tools can help you decide which is better but this can be a time consuming task indeed.

Users of web analytics tools can belong to either one of these two categories: users who want to track their own website, or users who want to track their competition and beat it down! Some analytics tools also list the keywords that a website uses to pull in traffic and so knowing a competitor’s keywords can give you the upper hand. It’s all about gaining competitive advantage in a world that never ceases to produce competitors! Anyway, if you’ve come across or carried out any web analytics reviews, then please do share your knowledge by leaving a comment! 😉

–          Millie


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