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Tech Tip 30: Promote your website for free!!

Posted on: April 18, 2009

I got a couple of really good websites that will promote your website/blog for free…and send you traffic too. I’ve used these sites and have got really good results with all. I’ll be posting an intensive article on website promotion and traffic, but for now I’ll just mention a couple of sites:

1. www.alphainventions.com – This site is cool, takes a few minutes to load – just enter in your website or blog URL, specify your category – eg. Technology, and then click on Validate. Once your site has been validated, it takes just 2 steps for you to send traffic on to your site…Its one of the best sites and its very easy-to-use!! try it today!

2. www.condron.us – This website allows you to add your website or blog onto their rotating list as well, you’ll get loads of traffic from here! Once the site loads, click on add your blog from the top right section of the page, then a popup window appears where you provide your email address, blog URL and specify the category of your blog. That’s it….click on submit and you’re done! check it out…

There’s going to be a long post soon on how to increase traffic on your blog, sometime next week…so watch out for it! and oh yeah – please feel free to contribute to my traffic-increasing blog post, tell me of sites which can help increase traffic and I’ll include it in my post – and in the process promote yours too!

– Millie

4 Responses to "Tech Tip 30: Promote your website for free!!"

Thanks for this recommendations. Got to click on the links and see what’s in store for me.

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You forgot to include websitepromote.net

It is a new site where anyone can promote site for free.


@ Websitepromote,

I looked at your site and also used it to promote my blog! Good job!!


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