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Tech Tip 23: iGoogle – Nothing can be better!

Posted on: February 18, 2009

iGoogle is the best homepage you can have with all its widgets and themes. It’s a pretty way of having access to all the things you find interesting, all on one page. It displays all your information in nice movable boxes which you can arrange on your page and have it the way you like it. Check out the screenshot of my iGoogle homepage, I have a nice black theme and cool widgets to show off!

My iGoogle Home Page

My iGoogle Home Page

If you’re thinking of getting one of these for yourself, it’s absolutely free – just sign in with your Google account at http://www.google.com/ig. Some of the widgets I have on my page include the date & time, weather, horoscope, the bejeweled game (which by the way, is very addictive!!), some jokes, a Google calendar, the Gmail widget to check my mail, a ToDo list, a virtual aquarium, the CNN widget for all the latest news, a Sudoku board, my Yahoo mail in a nice Yahoo widget and last but not least…the crazy taxi game! See how fun these things are, and when you have all of this stuff on one page, you don’t need anything else!!



You can also add different themes to your page to give it a different look every now and then…take a look at this link! I hope you planning to have some fun with this! Let me know if you come across some exciting and cool widgets to add on Google/ig!

– Millie

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