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Tech Tip 16: How to Convert PDF to Word!

Posted on: February 13, 2009

In one of my earlier posts I talked about how to convert any file into PDF. In this one, I’ll show you how to convert PDF files into Word documents. Since a PDF file is meant to be non-editable, tools like a PDF-to-Word converter become very useful. You cannot manipulate the text in a PDF file and it’s much easier to do so in Word, e.g. exporting the content of the Word document into a spreadsheet.

The best software to convert PDF files is the free PDF to Word Doc Converter v1.1, which can be downloaded from here. Its a small-sized .exe file, easy to install. The software is user-friendly and just takes a few minutes to convert the files, regardless of how big the PDF version of the file is.

When you open the program, all you need to do is to specify the .pdf that you want to convert, and the location of where you want the .doc file to be saved. Then click on the Convert to Word Document button and wait. After a few minutes it will open the .doc version of your file, which you can then edit and use.

I hope this tip was helpful. If you use this software, tell me what you think about it and if there’s something else out there that beats this one!



9 Responses to "Tech Tip 16: How to Convert PDF to Word!"

Great information. My problem is that not to long ago, my boss decided to buy an Mac to replace our Microsoft run computer. Now, when I send emails with attachments, most people cannot open the documents. Can you help there. I try to convert, but I don’t see where I can do that with Mac. Is there a program to download that will covert from mac to Microsoft docs?


Hey Sandy! There’s a work around for your problem. If you can extract all your data and put it in Word for Mac – making sure your file extensions end with a .doc or .rtf, then there wouldn’t be a problem opening those files in a PC or Windows based computer. Just open the files on your Mac and go to File->Save As… and then select a format suitable for the Windows environment.

The extensions matter a lot in Windows. You shouldn’t have a problem with image files as long as they have extensions like .jpg or .png because they cross over well. For Word files, .rtf and .doc should solve your problem.

– Millie

What is beneficial about RTF is that it also alows your file to be read by earlier versions of a program. Macintosh owners frequently keep their older equipment alice and RTF is read by Word versions on the Macintosh back to version 3.0 and Macintosh system 6 or earlier. RTF is also read by Wordperfect. This is a boon for people who keep their older machines alive (which also is Earth friendly 🙂
-Jim H

hey Jim, that’s great information….RTF is probably the best way to go! I’m not a Mac user so I know less about that. Thanks very much for your input!


You might like to try our new free ‘PDF to Word’ service too — http://www.pdftoword.com. It works on all platforms because it’s all done in the web browser.

I looked at http://www.pdftoword.com. It’s an amazing website. Very easy to use, user-friendly and very handy! I haven’t tried using it yet though, but I’m sure it’s going to produce good results!

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I really wouldn’t know as I haven’t earned anything from my blogs yet..and also, I’m unsure of how the US systems work as I’m from Kenya…perhaps my readers can shade some light on your comment?

– Millie

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