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Tech Tip 14: Creating Amazing Wedding Cards with Photoshop!

Posted on: February 11, 2009

Recently a friend of mine who just got married asked me to design her wedding cards. I started off with MS Publisher to design the inside of the card, with all the appropriate text…then for the cover of the card, I managed to create something really good – straight from an idea in my head to PhotoShop. PhotoShop is a fantastic software when it comes to manipulating images and adding effects.

I made the background colors and textures on the card using the Dodge, Smudge and Clone Stamp tools. I downloaded some images from Google Images and merged them in the background so they looked part of the whole make-do..and trust me, when I was done with the card, I was not the only one who was very pleased with it!! Heres what the Front and Back of the Wedding Card looked like:

Front of the Wedding Card

Front of the Wedding Card

Back of the Wedding Card

Back of the Wedding Card

To design the envelope, I decided to use the same theme as the one on the card, so I copied a portion of the background texture and used PhotoShop to extend it to the rest of the page. Then I used MS Publisher to put in the wanted text. The advantage of using Publisher to do this is that it has a very simple way of merging the text with any background image – just by rearranging which one appears at the front (using Ctrl-T is the easiest way to set this up).

And then just for the fun of it, I added some cartoon characters on the Wedding Invite! No-one had ever done this before, so I thought of doing something unique! Take a look and see what I made:

The Envelope Design

The Envelope Design

If you look closely at the envelope, the right border of the card has some white streaks. This I put in with the eraser tool to give it a torn-like effect. The cards were printed using a normal canon printer (not too may specs or anything special) and the end result was just superb!

This is a great way of saving costs because if you had them made professionally, they’d definitely charge you alot for the printing as it uses a 4-color specification. Or simply get in touch with me and I’ll design something good for your wedding! – or for any other event!

This post is dedicated to PhotoShop! 😉

ps: also look at this newer post.



4 Responses to "Tech Tip 14: Creating Amazing Wedding Cards with Photoshop!"

[…] and how to make them in PhotoShop – I even blogged about it a while back, you can read it here. If you’re thinking of designing a wedding card, it’s very simple. Just get some images […]

its vary butiful but expensive

i woulde like buy your weedinge card how you can send tome


you want me to make cards for you? send me an email with all details at millie_patel84@yahoo.com


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