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Tech Tip 13: Taking Desktop Screenshots as Images

Posted on: February 11, 2009

Very simple, but very rare perhaps. Not many people know how to take a screenshot of your computer at any given time. From experience, a lot of people have asked me this, and then they sigh because they didn’t realize it was so easy!! It only involves pressing a button on the keyboard and pasting the image to an open application!

This is how it’s done: Prepare your ‘image’ on your screen. Say you want an image of the start menu opened to a particular directory – if you want to demonstrate something, or you want to take an image of a dialog box that just popped up from nowhere…just press the PrtSC (Print Screen) button on your keyboard..

Next, open an application like MS Paint or MS Word…or even Adobe Photoshop..and simply paste it there! Print Screen basically takes a copy of the desktop image into memory. What you need to do then is simply click on Edit->Paste, or just type in Ctrl-V to paste it.

You can then edit the image and remove parts of it that your don’t want, and save it! Simple wasn’t it? There might be other ways of capturing screen images…but this is the simplest and quickest method of doing so.

Next tip will be interesting too so look out for it!



2 Responses to "Tech Tip 13: Taking Desktop Screenshots as Images"

Yes good article.
Taking screen shot is very easy.
But i think some free tools are also available for doing this task


thanks for ur reply..i know there are lots of free programs to do that, but why download something extra when there’s a key on the keyboard that you can use? lol…
btw, i’m not sure if I mentioned it, but after using the printscreen button and pasting the screenshot onto word, the cropping tool comes really handy for the smallest of images you want to capture, and the good thing is that if you increase the size of the cropped image in word, it doesn’t distort it…

– Millie

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