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Tech Tip 11: Windows and XP Shortcuts!

Posted on: February 10, 2009

It is so important to know some of the Windows and XP shortcuts. You don’t realize it when you’re just working for a little while, but for the long-term, it does make things quicker. You can end up saving lots of time with getting things done faster through shortcuts rather than navigating through a handful of menus.

Here’s a list of the most used and ‘important’ shortcuts…I’m sure you already know some of them, but if you do know ones that are not mentioned below, then please do add them in as comments!

Switch between open applications: Alt-Tab

Open the Start Menu: The Windows button on the keyboard or Ctrl-Esc

Help – F1

To start a new game in Solitaire – F2

To refresh a page on the browser – F5

To select the menu in any application – Alt

To Select all (items or text in a document): Ctrl-A

To Cut out some text, highlight then press Ctrl-X

To Copy some text, highlight then press Ctrl-C

To Paste, Ctrl-V

To switch between tabs in a browser like IE or FireFox: Alt-Tab

To close dialog boxes, press Esc

To bring up the Task Manager: Ctrl-Alt-Tab

To close a window, or to shutdown when no windows are open: Alt-F4

To  Undo a change in any application: Ctrl-Z

To minimize all windows and go to the desktop: Windows-D or Windows M

To open the Run dialog box: Windows-R

To open Windows Explorer: Windows-E

In Excel, to add text in a particular cell: F2

To Delete objects completely – so that they don’t get moved to the recycle bin either: Shift-Del

To bring the menu that allows you to minimize/maximize and close windows: Alt-Spacebar

To use the spell check feature in Word: F7

To Save a document or any file: Ctrl-S

To Create a new file: Ctrl-N

To Open an existing file: Ctrl-O

To find a word in a document or PDF: Ctrl-F

To Change text to Bold: Ctrl-B ; to Italics: Ctrl-I ; to Underline: Ctrl-U

In a browser, to bring up the bookmarks menu: Ctrl-B

To close a tab in a browser: Ctrl-W

To Print anything: Ctrl-P


This will be it for now, I’ll be adding more of these later…keep watchin’ the space!


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